The Spark of an Idea

The Spark of an Idea

Eveready, Exide, and Ray – o- vac, names to conjure from the past and then more recently Varta, Duracell and Panasonic to name but a few.

I remember my mum giving me a new Pifco torch for a present, one of those where you could operate small slide buttons to change the colour to red or green and she would always say “don’t forget to put the batteries in the right way round”. Then along came mini transistor radios with earphones and subsequently the Walkman. “Don’t forget to put the batteries in the right way round”. There was always that doubt of whether they would last the duration and not make you embarrassed in front of your friends who usually had a better model anyway.

Of course now we mainly rely on rechargeable devices, mind you, still hoping that they last the duration. That is until the utopian arrival of the self-generating power source ( about the size of a kidney bean) as displayed by Yoda in Star Wars when telling Luke how to jump start his X wing, or something like that.

Hmmm!  Not long to wait then.

In the meantime, along comes Mr Musk. Not to be confused with that essential accessory to every mans Friday night babe magnet splash it all over juice, applied liberally to the face and other parts in the false hope that it may compensate for the out of stock instant personality pill.

No, this Mr Musk is our bridge between Eveready and Yoda and he promises to provide a solution to the vulnerability we all have to the ex-banking trader now happily re-employed by a large energy generator to make sure we pay a fair price for our fuel? Or indeed the discomfort we feel when waking in cold sweat from the bad dream of Russian intervention in Ukraine which threatens the wests power supplies.

Thank goodness! Only a dream.

Mr Musk, Elon to his friends, is most famous of course for his amazing Teslar cars and that their range (and price) is at least two and a half times that of its competitors from Japan and France.

That may be considered a good omen for those of us who want to live the Goode life (showing my age now) which was an old programme portraying suburban sustainability, and he may give us the ability to stick one, two or however many fingers take your fancy, up at the traditional providers.

Elon has come up with a viable battery storage unit that will enable those of us with the ability to generate our own power such as photovoltaic panels, to be able to use that power when the sun has disappeared in our domestic and commercial buildings.

I never did like the name Vladimir anyway because it reminds me of a bad night on vodka I had once in Warrington.

But before you rush headlong to join the queue (already standing at a quarter of a million) waiting to buy the domestic version from Musk Enterprises, just pause and take a breath.

Do you really want to threaten the stability of east west relations or indeed the world, or maybe affect the bonus systems in place for the newly re-employed executive of EON, NPOWER, BRITISH GAS, GAS PROM and the like. Or should we embrace Mr Musk in his endeavours to improve our world and hope that his San Diego to San Francisco transit system is just a precursor to travelling between Manchester and London in twelve minutes by electro – magnetic shuttle tube. I didn’t want to say Glasgow to London as I didn’t want to influence any future referendum.

Steve Roberts

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