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I would like to take the time to give you a full written testimonial and thank you for the excellent service you have provided for the home survey report that you recently undertook.

As you know we were advised by yourself to undertake such a survey even though the house we were looking to buy was a recently new build property. To quote your own words ‘there are faults with ALL houses regardless of age’ which couldn’t be more true as we came to find out.
Once we had agreed to the survey it was completed the very next week as to not slow down the chain any more than was necessary which was fantastic.
After receiving the very detailed and thorough report it did however highlight one particular problem, which warranted further investigation by a specialist. Luckily this turned out to be a cosmetic issue and nothing to be concerned about however we will of course be speaking to the seller to cover the cost of this repair now that we are aware of it.

Buying a house at the best of times is always a stressful nightmare and by commissioning yourself to survey the property gave us full piece of mind and let us know exactly what we was purchasing. flaws and all.

Going into the purchase fully armed with this knowledge is invaluable and without it several outcomes could have happened. The first would be that we would have worried about the issue when we discovered it as we hadn’t even noticed this until it was highlighted in the survey. The second outcome would have been that we would have had to paid the large repair bill out of our own pocket to put the work right.
I know that some people choose not to undertake these additional surveys when purchasing a house but for me its been really invaluable and I cant thank you enough for your original piece of professional advice that you gave.

We will be sure to come to you again for any future properties we may purchase and will also be sure to recommend you to all our family, friends and business contacts.

Many Thanks

Dear RBA,

I would like to thank you for the design work you carried out on my new home. David was an absolute treasure and nothing was too much trouble.

He took our ideas, and turned them into reality. Fabulous.

I cannot praise David and the company enough and I am amazed at the results and how easy you made it. Congratulations.

A very impressed Elaine.
Mrs E. L. Morton

Hi Dougie and hope you are well?

Just like to say thanks for the survey and schedule of works for the development following Steve’s survey.

Brilliant piece of work and we will definitely come back.


Dear Douglas

Please read the following recommendation

RBA was very easy to contact and prompt in their replies.

Douglas was very knowledgeable and put us at ease explaining problems and solutions.

The survey report was extremely informative and very well presented.

The aftersales was excellent and nothing was too much trouble.

We did not purchase the property because of what Douglas found, which we could not see.

We will be using RBA again and they are certainly the best reports I have ever read. 10 out of 10.

Forrester. John. BA


Dear  Ms Chipchase;

Your Surveyor, Mr Steven Roberts, recently delivered a survey to you.

RBA find it easier to win new customers when we show how happy our existing customers are about doing business with us, and we use customer reviews, to prove we are genuinely better than the rest.

We would be very grateful if you would kindly provide a few comments about your experience of RBA in relation to things like :-

  • How easy was it to contact us? Very easy and straight forward.
  • Were we knowledgeable and helpful? Extremely, informative, attention to detail, always helpful.
  • Did you a receive a prompt response/service?  Absolutely 100%
  • Were our services delivered in a professional manner? Yes every time, very professional & courteous.
  • Did our product satisfy your expectations? Absolutely 100%, so much so I used Steve’s services a 2nd time when my first property fell through.
  • Was the product influential in the outcome of your plans? Yes very much so and gave me clarity on any doubts I had.

Additional Comments

Cannot praise Steve highly enough, he provided detail, guidance on any queries I had, everything was explained so well and clear. Ultimate professional.

Thank you
Hayley Chipchase.

How easy was it to contact us?

Really easy, I found you through https://www.localsurveyorsdirect.co.uk/ and got a call within seconds!

Were we knowledgeable and helpful?

Yes, I was extremely impressed with Steve’s knowledge and care for his work, even though I never actually met him, I could easily tell he was very professional and experienced.

Did you a receive a prompt response/service?

Yes, Steve managed to get out to the property within 2 working days.

Were our services delivered in a professional manner?

Yes, the report I received was comprehensive, and Steve helped me through multiple phone calls.

Did our product satisfy your expectations?


Was the product influential in the outcome of your plans?