It’s awards season: The ‘Green Grafters’ 2015

It’s awards season: The ‘Green Grafters’ 2015

Well done to MP Energy and the rest of the regional winners at this year’s Green Deal and Eco Awards. I enjoyed a great day with some splendid company in the form of suppliers, customers, colleagues & competitors from the energy efficiency industry.

Mike Penman, MP Energy Boiler Installer of The Year North West Region

Looking around the room, the creativity and energy of the participants demonstrates that this is an industry on the up; concealing, very well, the adverse trading conditions businesses in this sector have endured of late.

The awards recognise achievement within the energy efficiency industry, specifically businesses delivering within the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal Schemes.

Let’s be honest, our green and pleasant land is ripe for the largest retrofit programme imaginable, both domestic and commercially. Our aged inefficient stock, various carbon reduction commitments, national sense of outrage at the behaviour of the ‘big six’ and lack of energy security all contribute to set the scene. The Energy Company Obligation seamlessly blended with the Green Deal should have created the perfect mechanism to drive forward change with the energy efficiency industry tearing up the recession rule book, creating jobs and value to our economy. So what happened?

I believe this was the recipe…

Firstly create a bill, which politely requests that turkeys vote for Christmas using their own money, playing entirely by their own rules and ensuring any enforcement is years away.

Do not under any circumstances make the rules transparent to the participants; add a large helping of bureaucracy.

Take a good idea, Green Deal is an excellent choice, then launch it to the general public whilst still only half baked.

Mix well for a year then add a generous dollop of dog whistle politics, glazed with a Prime Ministerial edict to ‘get rid of all the green crap’.

Voilà! the perfect way to kick the legs out from underneath a growing industry.

So how have these businesses survived?

Answer: People.

The ‘Green Grafter’ winners are passionate about what they do, they want to deliver. So when the going gets tough, which it seems to with uncanny regularity in this industry, these imaginative, hard-working, and tenacious individual’s just knuckle down and draw upon what seems like endless reserves of enthusiasm to fight longer and harder for an industry they believe in. So congratulations once again to all the winners, I eagerly await the outcome of the nationals.

Jo Barlow

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