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These two surveys are quite similar in their approach and reporting procedure and can be obtained from a number of different providers.

They both concentrate on the identification of defects. However, we tend to favour the Home Condition Survey simply because it is a little more in depth and doesn’t just tell what is wrong, but also what is right as well a having an informative appendix library which explains the effects of reported defects in more detail. What neither of these surveys will do is tell you how to go about putting things right or how much it might cost. This is the domain of a BUILDING SURVEY and is beyond the scope of a Home Buyers or Home Condition Survey.

Our surveys can empower you as a purchaser by providing you with greater knowledge about your perspective property. There may be some expensive repairs to carry out, identified in a survey that a mortgage valuation wouldn’t necessarily pick up.

The report is a general assessment of indicative problems. It does not offer remedial advice or indicate cost of repair as that is beyond the scope of the report and not covered by insurance.

Home Condition

This is a more in-depth report that is subjective.

The most common issues identified by condition surveys include:

  • General property condition.
  • Identifiable defects.
  • Any structural movement.
  • Deterioration due to rising damp, penetrating damp, surface condensation or interstitial condensation.
  • Rot or infestations such as woodworm.
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning services.
  • Other building services such as electrical services, plumbing, drainage and so on.
  • Alterations that may have been made.
  • Environmental issues.
  • Legal issues that may require an additional expert investigation or advice.
  • Energy performance.
  • It does not offer remedial advice or indicate cost of repair.