Building Surveys

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This is the survey that offers the best value from RBA. The difficulty with a Building Survey is that there is no set format and different providers can offer very different products. What might seem a bargain can turn out to be not fit for purpose.

By supplying their ultimate product, RBA aim to provide you with a package of tools and information that will give you the best opportunity of purchasing your preferred property not only with confidence about its past and present but also with views of the potential of what can be achieved.

The report is specific in its identification of defect together with a pathological assessment on how it occurred, the effect it is having, how it can be remedied and what that might cost.

The most common aims of a building survey might include:

  1. Documenting the present condition of the property, highlighting areas of failure or concern.
  2. Identifying causes of past, or ongoing, deterioration.
  3. Historical research for effects that may have contributed to defect or which may have an impact in the future for defects that have not yet occurred.
  4. Identifying issues that are perceived as minor, but which need attention to prevent serious damage.
  5. Identifying things that need further enquiries to pre-empt problems in the future.
  6. Highlighting items that may require the attention of another professional involved in your purchase process, such as a solicitor/conveyancer.
  7. Presenting conservation and maintenance recommendations.
  8. Giving advice on possible remedial actions for defects.
  9. Providing an estimate of the cost of any works that may be required.

Building surveys should also identify aspects of the property that it has not been possible to inspect, or issues that may require further investigation, perhaps by a specialist.

Because of our varied survey menu, it is possible with the appropriate permissions to provide the client with ancillary reports such as ASBESTOS SURVEY AND SAMPLING for health and safety, or BOROSCOPY which allows for the viewing of inaccessible voids or cavities using a camera on a flexible remote-controlled rod. Additionally, as accredited CARBON CONSULTANTS and qualified in BUILDING DESIGN, we can give advice and guidance on the best ways to optimise your property through CARBON REDUCTION methods, such as insulation and alternative heat generation together with smart technology, as well as help you with any vision you have for your property such as conversions, extensions or general refurbishment.