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Q: Why do I need a survey?

A: The reason for a survey is to provide you with the confidence that the building you are purchasing is fit for purpose, is not being disguised or mis-sold and that there are no hidden defects that may be revealed once the purchase process is over and you no longer have recourse to the seller. The survey can also provide you with information that may affect your choice of property and how much potential there is for improvement, expansion and re-sale.

Q: My Bank/Building Society / Mortgage Broker is organising a survey. Isn’t that enough?

A: The surveys organised by a lender are usually valuation surveys on behalf of the lender in order to ascertain that the property is able to achieve a value that would compensate the lender should something go wrong. That value may be totally different to the market value which you have agreed with a seller. Thus, the survey carried out by a lender is not an in depth appraisal of the condition of the structure and how that may be rectified, but rather like a supermarket shelf life assessment.

Q: What type of survey do I need?

A: There are a number of different levels of survey which perform different functions as well as some specific surveys that can be added on as required. Each survey has a function and sometimes products are miss sold by pressure sales and sometimes, clients may pick unsuitable products.

Q: How do I find time to arrange all this?

A: You don’t need to! Just leave it to RBA. All we need are the property address, your email and phone and the selling agent or occupier contact, and we take care of everything from there on. You are kept up to date on progress by messaging keeping you informed at all times

Q: Why do I need a survey for a brand-new home?

A: Even new homes have faults, and some can go unseen until warranties are expired. The contractors involved in new home construction are under pressure to perform within the constraints of time and budget and sometimes little things are missed or ignored in order to achieve completion and maintain the suitable profit margin demanded by the shareholders. A “Snagging Report” is designed to check every feature of a new home in its unfurnished state so that any defect found is not obscured by other introduced features.

Q: Do I need a survey when renting a home?

A: Yes. An ingoing inventory is a detailed record of the condition of the property using date and time embedded photography that ensures you are not held responsible for effects on the property for which you should not be liable. This can be assessed against an outgoing inventory carried out upon vacation of the property taking into account wear and tear during the time of occupation.

Q: What are the benefits of an RBA survey?

A: Numerous. Surveys carried out and issued by RBA include industry leading products that are endorsed by a number of professional bodies including: –

  • “RICS”, The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
  • “SAVA”, Surveyors and Valuers Accreditation
  • “RPSA”, The Residential Property Surveyors Association
  • “CIBSE”, The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers
  • “IFE”, The Institute of Fire Engineers
  • “BOHS”, The British Occupational Hygiene Society

Our surveyors carry membership of the above organisations and are highly qualified in their fields of expertise. This means that should you require additional service to your original purpose, we can provide a “bolt on” that will avoid commissioning another practitioner.

Q: What dot previous clients think of RBA?

A: Click here to see how are clients rate us and read their testimonials