Dispute Survey

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There are a number of dispute surveys, but generally they revolve around a single issue such as:-
  • Trees and vegetation for root invasion, incursion and or right to light
  • Boundary dispute where boundaries are either ill or non-defined, or the boundary has been moved without the knowledge of all concerned parties.
  • The erection of structures close to a boundary that do not normally require permissions or compliance.

RBA provide surveys that will stand up to scrutiny and examination and provide clear and indisputable evidence. Our surveys have been instrumental in the recovery and awarding of significant financial value for our clients.

DOMESTIC ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATION:  RBA can provide epc’s for property both domestic and commercial. Although not infinitely accurate, they can help towards a CARBON REDUCTION SCHEME, when trying to optimise or future proof any structure by renewable application, insulation or a combination of applications through BUILDING DESIGN.