Schedule of Condition

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A schedule of condition (SOC) is a factual record of the condition of a property, normally prepared for legal or contractual reasons. Schedules of condition can be prepared for either residential or commercial buildings.

They create a complete record of the condition of the property on a particular date that can be used as a benchmark against which its condition can be assessed in the future and any changes identified.

Schedules of condition may be prepared under the instruction of a landlord, a tenant, an employer, a contractor, or a neighbour. Appointing an independent expert to prepare a schedule of condition should help to give it greater weight if there are subsequent claims or negotiations. It may be beneficial to seek agreement of the other party that the schedule is a fair reflection of the condition of the property when it is prepared.

It is important to recognise that identifying a change in the condition of a property does not necessarily attribute blame for that change.