A reason to be cheerful?

A reason to be cheerful?

Last week the media were reporting that one in ten firms involved with the Green Deal Scheme have been struck off.  If we can see past the headlines, we could interpret this as a positive Green Deal news story.

The proposition that the Green Deal Scheme provides a route to market for participants that are accountable in terms of accreditation, solvency and a code of practice should be a significant driver for Green Deal take up and arguably not enough is made of this feature of the scheme; the reasons for which are an essay in themselves.

The figures reported send out the clearest of messages to both industry and the consumer: Action will be taken if you don’t meet the standards you agreed to deliver or uphold.

At a time where countless multinationals, from banks to supermarkets, are conducting their business in the shadows, with an apparently endless stream of dubious dealings making front page news, the Green Deal Scheme shedding rogue traders at a rate of knots is a reason to be cheerful.

Why then publicly pillory the scheme for attempting to keep its own house in order?

In terms of public perception, if action against those participants breaking the scheme rules scheme isn’t forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no action at all.

Slicing out the dishonest elements and sharp practitioners in the industry can’t come quickly enough for those who have traded through the start of Green Deal and the omnishambles of ECO with those left standing, albeit battle weary, moving forward to ECO 2.

If there is a criticism to be levied at the schemes’ ‘better late than never’ attitude to rooting out bad practice ………..better never late I am sure would be the industry cry.

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